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    FBHow is college football addressing its new safety crisis?Football is still popular as a spectator sport, but its future remains cloudy as parents of future players grapple with relatively new medical data that suggest the repeated head collisions required to play football cause long-term damage.
    RECRUITINGBoom in Academic Poaching Is Fueled by Visions of Economic DevelopmentTexas is laying out millions to lure premier cancer scientists from other universities across the country, and the state is drawing criticism and skepticism as well as envy and emulation.
    BIG5 storylines at Big Ten football media dayThe Big Ten coaches and big-name players will descend Chicago this Thursday and Friday for the annual media day festivities.
    CONCUSSIONSA Different Perspective on ConcussionsConferences want to provide medical officials with a bird’s-eye view in the replay booth, allowing them to re-watch injuries via instant replays.
    MEDIA“Worldwide Leader in Sports” jettisons top talentClips eFlashGetting to the top in any category of business, sports or geo-politics is REALLY tough. It’s even tougher to STAY at the top.
    SOOIEUnique animals: Razorbacks gaining mental, physical edges under BielemaWhat are warthogs to some are wild pigs and sooies to others. But they are Razorbacks to the Arkansas faithful.
    FACILITIESConstruction will commence in winter for new arena at U-Maryland Baltimore CountyIt’ll be a Brave New World for UMBC.
    FACILITIESCollege Athletics Construction Roundup: July 2015Here’s a list of announced, in progress and recently completed athletic construction projects from around the country.
    OPSThe Search for Vanderbilt’s Elusive Red-Tape StudyVanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos testified before a Senate panel in Feb. that his institution had spent some $150 million in one year to comply with federal regulations.
    REALIGNMENTSun Belt Conference reaches out to Coastal CarolinaSun Belt commissioner Karl Benson tells a Louisiana newspaper that conference has reached out to CCU and Eastern Kentucky in regard to potential expansion.
    NEW SPORTSThe emerging pathBeach volleyball – soon to be the 90th NCAA championship – is the fifth success story for programs that increase opportunities for women.
    MEDIAMVC's new broadcasting deal with ESPN to incorporate studentsThe 10-year extension of its current media rights agreement that will blend academics and athletics in an effort to increase the coverage of league events.
    ADMINCollege Jobs, Never Easy, Have Become Pressure CookersAdministrators and faculty and staff members on campuses around the country are learning to live in a world of tighter budgets, swelling regulations, and ever more assessment and competition.
    T9/COAGuidance for Cost of Attendance Title IX ComplianceLetter sent out 7-23-15 by the National Women's Law Center and the Women's Sports Foundation to all D1 presidents, FARs, Title IX Coordinators and SWAs.
    DUE PROCESSThe Right to ConfrontA new case could provide a road map for other suspended or expelled students looking to challenge the way universities adjudicate allegations of sexual assault against them.
    BUDGETSCutting the Wrong Sport?UAkron responded to a $60 million budget shortfall by cutting 200 staff positions and lopping off its baseball team. But the perennially awful football team was left untouched.
    COLLEGE COSTSHow America Pays for College Here it is, in all its gritty detail; how (and who) pays for college.
    LEADERSHIPSpurs & Feathers exclusive interview with Ray TannerSouth Carolina AD Ray Tanner took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with Spurs & Feathers Executive Editor Brian Hand. 
    WOMEN'S SPORTSWomen sports grow more popular, but their real value isn’t commercialClips eFlashWomen are beginning to have more influence in executive suites and corporate boardrooms, so women’s sports will grow on television.
    EXCUSESNick Saban and Alabama are too important, powerful for excusesSometimes it's hard to have sympathy for the rich, famous and powerful.
    AMATEURISMNCAA asks appeals court to delay Aug. 1 payment offers to playersThe judge’s injunction rules that the NCAA must allow (on Aug 1) schools to pay FB and MBK players as much as $5k per year for the licensing use of players names.
    COACHINGNo excuses, Saban: Ohio State was better than 'BamaIt is strange that the safe haven of the SEC Media Days coincided with Nick Saban doing one thing he never did before: make excuses.
    NBANo Matter How Much They Make, The Best Players In The NBA Are Vastly UnderpaidNBA maximum-contract rules suppress superstar salaries, inexperienced players are paid less than their contributions warrant, and—as a result—the NBA’s middle class is paid far too much.
    RENEWING FBWhen will UAB actually play football again?The first school to give itself a self-imposed death penalty, UAB must determine when and how to bring football back.
    FAN EXPERIENCEWhat Do College-Football Fans Today Want?New data is contradicting old theories about why student attendance is plummeting; cellphone service doesn’t matter, restrooms do.