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    INSPIRATIONBoston Marathon: "We Run As One"Sports Illustrated devoted about half of this week's issue to the profoundly inspirational permutations of "Boston Strong."
    FOODUnlimited food?NCAA ruling could add fascinating layer to recruiting.
    CONFERENCESMost Valuable Conferences A Forbes analysis includes bowl revenues, NCAA Tournament payouts and TV deals; but not radio broadcast rights, advertising and non-basketball NCAA distributions.
    AMATEURISMTime to challenge concepts underlying college sports NCAA president Mark Emmert said unions “would blow up everything about the collegiate model of athletics.” Would that really be so bad?
    SPORTS LAWCollege Sports' Antitrust Vulnerability Litigation over likenesses, concussions and unionization notwithstanding, an unfolding antitrust lawsuit by Jeffrey Kessler could possibly top them all.
    GOVERNANCESEC's Slive: Future of college sports must be all about student-athleteClips InterviewCommish asks the questions; reporter gives the answers.
    NCAAThe New NCAA Clips Guest CommentaryOur guest author suggests that the NCAA may be entering a period of “reconception.”
    ENFORCEMENTNCAA’s New Enforcement Chief Sees Colleges as Customers“We’re professional service providers working for our clients—the colleges and universities in the membership,” says Jonathan Duncan, the NCAA’s new enforcement chief.
    DRUGSGoing to pot? No, NCAA gets it right by reducing standards on marijuanaThe NCAA no longer considers marijuana to be in the same category as steroids.
    CONFERENCESLook back, look ahead: American The league that “seemed little more than the safe landing pad for teams that didn’t quite fit anywhere else,” ended up on top in both the men’s and women’s tournaments.
    ACADEMICSNCAA Looks to Redefine Its Policy on Academic Fraud Among the ideas, say people familiar with the process, are more clearly identifying who should be held accountable for academic misconduct.
    UNIONSAppeal to SanityClips Guest CommentaryOur guest author uses logic and reason to explain the illogical Northwestern union movement.
    ACADEMICSParental Role in Athletes' Academics A study of athletes’ career goals and how they were formed explores how parents can help or hurt their kids’ scholarly pursuits.
    FB PLAYOFFCollege Football Playoff 101 Okay, basketball is over, is it time for football already?
    CHAMPS (X2)Everybody Loves a Parade Clips Eyewitness Report The Clips Editor braved the teeming masses of jubilant UConn fans who converged to pay homage to their dual basketball champions.
    CONSISTENCYWhat NCAA talking points look like about pay-for-play and unions People have to know what to say. And people in the same organization should be saying the same things.
    UNIONSThe “Daily Show” mocks NCAA amateurism“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart teed off last week on the NCAA’s opposition to unions. As always, hilariously delivered by Mr. Stewart (videos)
    HAVES/NOTSCollege athletics work for the many, not the few Here’s a refreshingly pragmatic take on revenue and non-revenue sports, and the greater good.
    REVENUESLSU athletics generate $397 million local impact Consulting company analyzes the impact on the four-parish Baton Rouge area in 2012.
    BK RULESRule makers planning to make NCAA men's basketball even more fan-friendlyAmong consideration are reducing timeouts, widening the lane, no scoring on a charge, a 30 (or 24) second shot clock, etc.
    REFORMNLRB Ruling on Northwestern Athletes: A Teaching MomentClips Guest CommentaryThis commentary is an extension of the author’s remarks prompted by news of the National Labor Relations Board ruling on Northwestern athletes that came just after posting of his CLIPS Guest Commentary, “Revisiting ‘A Nation Still at Risk’.”
    REALIGNMENTUniversity of Maryland Announces Plan to Celebrate Move to Big Ten ConferenceA campus-wide integration adopts a 'THINK B1G' theme.
    ACADEMICSTime for a Sports Degree We teach our students the profession of sports performance, however, we deny them the structure and benefit of a focused curriculum and degree.
    POWER 5Beware big-boy college commissioners asking the NFL and NBA to change their wayBig 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby basically suggested the NFL and NBA stop using the NCAA as their minor leagues.
    BREAKAWAYChoose your demise - drowning or nuclear weapon Clips Guest CommentaryNCAA governance changes inevitably lead to the same place.