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    SEXUAL ASSAULTSilence at BaylorFB player Sam Ukwuachu transferred from Boise State to Baylor last year and was recently found guilty of the sexual assault of a fellow student. Questions swirl about what Baylor knew about his history.
    COACHINGTuberville: Withholding aid to hold academic, rules violators 'accountable'Cincinnati AD Mike Bohn: "It's not a fine. It's not a threat. It's a tool. We want to help our student-athletes.”
    COACHINGRazorbacks reinvented: How Bret Bielema changed the Arkansas football cultureCampus Rush is SI's newest "digital vertical," focusing on analysis and the broader stories within college football. Campus Rush will spotlight the "passion, pageantry and culture" of college football.
    YOUTH SPORTSLet’s talk about sports’ role in our high schoolsJohn Gerdy, former SEC associate commissioner and founder of Music For Everyone, responds to a Lancaster Newspaper's Editorial Board calling for a serious examination of the value of high school sports.
    RECRUITINGBaylor Dodges Scrutiny Thanks to Sark's Drunken OutburstThis isn't just a Baylor football scandal, this is a Baylor University scandal.
    FBBlack Eye for BaylorBaylor continues to face criticism about its handling of sexual assault accusations, a week after an article in Texas Monthly alleged that the university may have known that the player had previously been suspended from another team over violent behavior.
    TUITIONDiscounting Grows AgainA report from the National Association of College and University Business Officers reveals that tuition discount rates are at an all-time high and that the strategy is "not sustainable."
    SEXUAL ASSAULTBaylor-Boise State CoachSpeak . . . credibility run amok?Clips eFlashA year after the crime, actions and inactions regarding a rape accusation (and later a conviction) of a Baylor football transfer from Boise State are attracting more than a little scrutiny.
    HARRASSMENTSexual harassment toward female sports reporters is far too commonThe recent firestorm at Minnesota regarding sexual harassment have put an focus on the difficulties experienced by females covering men’s sports.
    COACHINGTexas basketball: Shaka Smart enthusiastically attacks task of reshaping LonghornsCoach Smart radiates positive energy, preaches values like appreciation and enthusiasm and demands you "attack the day."
    FANTASYCollege football is hot in exploding daily fantasy sports marketDaily fantasy sports, in which players can build a completely new lineup every week — or, in the case of a sport like baseball, every day — have skyrocketed from virtual obscurity to a multi-billion dollar industry seemingly overnight.
    FB ARTHave you seen Jimi Hendrix's college football drawings?Hendrix, who grew up in Seattle, showed promising illustration skills as a youngster in images that depict Oregon, UCLA, USC and California football players.
    TRANSFERSBaylor scandal may lead Big 12 to discuss SEC transfer ruleBig 12 ADs are getting together this week in a regularly scheduled meeting. Very likely to be discussed will be adopting a rule similar to the SEC's (i.e.- no transfers allowed for players with previous records of sexual assault, domestic assault and other forms of sexual violence).
    STATUSA Vision for the FutureSouthern California AD Pat Haden reflects on the last five years of challenges.
    UNIONSNLRB dismisses Northwestern unionization caseFootball players at Northwestern had petitioned for a ruling that they were in fact employees and should be able to collectively bargain on issues ranging from compensation to medical care with Northwestern.
    FEDSPlayers' rights turn to courts, maybe CongressTo think change isn't coming to college sports is to believe the NCAA will sweep every legal challenge and any future ones that arise.
    COA2015-16 CBS Sports FBS college football cost of attendance databaseMaking apples-to-apples sense of COA comparisons is a near impossible challenge, and those are best left in the hands of skilled numberologists like those at CBSSports.
    COACOA results: The chase to legally pay college playersD1-A football COA expenses range from under $1,000 per scholarship to more than $6,000….thus affecting recruiting practices.
    JOINNotre Dame has lost independent luster, should join conference soonThe reality of CFB's evolution is that Notre Dame should join a conference, and pronto.
    AD HIRINGVillanova faces tough search in replacing AD NicastroSearches for big-time AD openings rarely involve untested candidates.
    MOTIVATIONMaurice Clarett tells Seminoles to find and develop non-football passionsClarett the Speaker has been resonating remarkably in speeches to football teams, detailing how his delinquent behavior didn't change after he became a football star at Ohio State in 2002.
    COMEBACKSUSC is free from sanctions, but far from wholeThe Trojans are practicing with 78 scholarship players, still not ideal but a significant improvement from last season, when it entered some games with fewer than 50 healthy scholarship players.
    CFPCollege Football Playoff: What we know (and still don't) entering year 2Having traded the hidden formulas of the BCS computers for the hidden agendas of the CFP Selection Committee, college football has settled into an easy rhythm.
    NLRBHere's the morning-after analysis of the NLRB ruling against the Northwestern football unionClips eFlashIt seemed like most college sports writers stayed up late and/or got up early to cogitate and ruminate about the ruling.
    COAColleges paying out millions more to players due to rule changeThe rule change allows Big 5 colleges to cover the full cost of attendance. A Chronicle analysis shows that at least 15 programs would up the value of athletic scholarships by more than $4,000 per scholarship.